I'm just writing a cover letter to apply to a university master in Netherlands. It would be great if someone could give me some advices on the content and check if the grammar is correct.

Thank you so much.

I am applying to the Master Programme of “Organic Agriculture” with specialization in “Agroecology” starting in September 2013.

I graduated with honors with a bachelor degree in Plant, Food and Agro-environmental Biotechnologies. It could appear strange and contradictory that a graduated student in biotechnologies chose to continue her studies with a master in organic agriculture. I did not change my mind about the potential that lies in the recombinant DNA technologies, as well I do not want to embrace the cause of some radical environmentalist, who claims the World should entirely abandon intensive agriculture in favor of a completely organic production. Nevertheless, I think agricultural production issues cannot be considerate separately from environmental matter.

Studying plant biotechnologies allowed me to have a good knowledge of biological systems from a cellular and a molecular point of view. I have been really interested in genetic improvement of plants for both food and other purpose. However, beside this enthusiasm and curiosity, some doubts have risen about the political and economical use that has been carrying out of this technology.

At the same time I started to approach subjects such as agricultural environment, ecology and renewable energy. A university course about agro-zootechnical farming systems for international cooperation had been crucial to decide what direction give to my higher studies. The cooperation reality has caught my interest for its multidisciplinary and holistic approach. I realized that one of my career ambition would have been to work on agriculture development projects in developing countries.

The interest in organic agriculture comes mainly from its application in the developing countries, where agriculture usually is not suitable for the search of ever-increasing yields, as befits industrial agribusiness, neither can affords the purchase of expensive fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. Besides that aspect, I think that the role of organic agriculture for the industrialized countries is equally important as a way to protect our environment and biodiversity, increasing opportunities for rural communities.

I think this Master Programme is suitable for me since agroecological studies consider every technical and socio-economic components of farming system, with particular regard on ecological sustainability. I have chosen the specialization in Agroecology due to my strong interest in plant science. Furthermore, I am interested in empirical research and I am confident that, thanks to the excurions and field experiences included in this Master, I will be able to improve my practical skills. I am also eager to deepen my knowledge about the current challenges of agriculture, which have evolved from a purely technical approach to embrace every field of human activity.

The six months experience I spent at theUniversityofWarwick, within the context of the LLP- Erasmus exchange program, has been really important from many points of view and has been a great moment of growth. From an academic and working prospective, I tried for the first time to work in a laboratory carrying out my own project.
From a human point of view, it taught me how to face challenging situations such as living in a foreign country within a different cultural context. I came home willing to continue my studies abroad in a multi-cultural and stimulating environment.

As Wageningen is one of the best European university on the themes of food, plant and environmental science, studying there would be a great opportunity to widen my education. I look forward to join this Master Programme in the stimulating framework of your University
I am aware of the commitment and the perseverance I will need to carry forward my studies and I am confident that my educational background and my personal skills would enable me to achieve great academic results and contribute to enrich the programme.

As I believe in the crucial role that agriculture had had and still has in our civilization and as I am convinced that building a new society is possible starting from a different natural resource management, I would like to join those who suggest and realize ecological models for a sustainable growth. I think that this Master will give me the instruments to fulfil that.
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halo plz help me with a motivation letter for a waitresing postion and a hostess
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Thank you, but the grammar is good as well?
Hey I am gonna do same as you. Im gonna apply for a Master in Netherland in agriculture field. We may help to each other.
Hello, I am also applying for a Master in Agricultural and food sustainability. Would be very glad to work with you.
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