dear sir / madam:

i have been working as staff nurse since four years, now i would like to get master degree in comparative and international education at the university of oslo. so i applyied for afellowship by anorwegian organization.and they asked me to write amotivation letter for my study as shown down. so please help me to write this letter .its the first time for me to do this.

MOTIVATION What is your motivation for applying for a Master course in the Norad Fellowship Programme (interest in the programme with possible research domain for dissertation, description of future plans after graduation in this programme and who else will benefit from the acquired knowledge).

thanks alot

Please see HOW TO WRITE A MOTIVATION OR COVER LETTER for a lot of help and advice.

You have to write the letter yourself and then we will help you sort out any problems.
Motivation for applying for a master course in the Norad Fellowship;

As personal goal to devote my life to find new ideas and methods in order to advance mankind’s health in Palestine many reasons about a chance to give the great contribution to the society, my principal incentive is the eagerness to cure the patient both of their bodies and hearts
I tremendously enjoyed my experience in clinical year, especially in department of emergency nursing and also medical surgical department, because in the first department, I had the opportunity to take care of many patients as a nurse and I had gain many experience from the doctors in an emergency room from another one. These opportunities strengthened my skills in applying my knowledge from the clinical year to make a proper diagnosis and management for individual patient. I find this work challenging, interesting, and invigorating and I am determined to become better skilled so that I can lead a group of researchers in the future. I am motivated and curious person who can easily adapt to any situation. My friends know me to be a very effective and helpful team player. I enjoy learning from others and helping others where I can. I am excited by the opportunity to join a group of professional where I can apply my skills, talents, and enthusiasm

yours sincerely,