Can someone help me with this letter?

I am writing to express my interest in pursuing a Ph.D. in Physics-informed machine learning.
I believe this research is not only an excellent upgrade to my professional background. I studied for my bachelors in civil engineering from Camellia Institute of Engineering, Kolkata. I spent 1 month with Gammon India as an intern learning about the metro viaduct structures.
I pursued my masters in structural engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai. I enjoyed learning different software and often attended seminars. My master thesis was a brief study on Precast CEFT joints. In my recent encounter in India's national high-speed rail corporation, I came across a similar application where precast CEFT connections are used with viscous damping fluid as seismic restraint is truly fascinating.
After graduation, I took the position as a structural engineer at Primerail Infralabs Private Limited. I focused on the structural design of railway tracks and infrastructure for metro projects in India and abroad. I have carried several rail structure interaction studies. I also took the position as an engineer at GERB vibration control systems. I focus on the design of mass-spring systems and vibration attenuation in buildings. I have recently made sure to substantiate the track structure interaction using UIC 774-3R for floating slab tracks in Nagpur Metro.
I have made several studies for metro projects in India such as the national frequency of track and its interaction with different sub-structure and mathematical model of lateral track stability of ballasted track. I have automated several designs in excel. I have recently started training programing in Python to be able to qualify for this post.
I now wish to focus on my academic career in the railway sector and TUDelft looks like a great place to study. The possibility of machine learning coexisting with civil engineering is truly fascinating.
This research can contribute to next-generation physics-based artificial intelligence in structural engineering and shape the world in unimaginable ventures. With further emerging holographic technology in the near future, digital twins can be integrated to view real-time structures in any scale.
My organizing quality, patience, and endurance will allow me to work closely and effectively with my peers and the Dutch Railway. I also possess an excellent capacity to retain new concepts and ideas. I am most certain to achieve a positive outcome on this research.
After completion of my Ph.D., I plan to take a placement in the railway industry in India to access and improve the quality of works. However, in a long term, I wish to continue academic research in the railway.
TUDelft offers a prestigious position that attracts many candidates from across the globe. I know that my knowledge and experience in this increasingly important field can make an important contribution to both TUDelft and emerging faster mode of mobility in general. I hope to be considered for this position.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any more information and I look forward to your response.

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