I am a Chinese student, I am now applying for a master's programme in literature. I have never written a motivation letter before so could someone please help me to revise my letter? Thank you very much.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I’m writing to you to apply for the MPhil programme of Literature

My purpose to study this programme is to gain insights in literary theories as well as various values and philosophy that lie behind the literary texts. This field of study is of great interest to me, so I have a strong desire to do research in it. I believe the Literature programme in can give me the opportunity to improve my analytical skills, theoretical expertise as well as my ability to carry out independent research, thus I can have a solid preparation for PhD programme.

As I have determined to pursue research in this area, I have made many preparations. During my study in college, I attended courses such as western civilization, literary theory and linguistics. My academic performance in all the core courses is outstanding. I also study French in my spare time, and extend my knowledge in art, history, philosophy and politics. Additionally, as the university I attend is the only international university in , I have the opportunity to meet people of different races and backgrounds on campus. Thus I always face different people and cultures with an open mind and I am willing to know more about them.

I am a contemplative student and an avid reader. As I have a wide range of knowledge and interest, a sensitive and acute observation, I believe I am prepared to interdisciplinary study, which is also a distinctive feature of this programme. The programme is also flexible. These two features make the programme very appealing as they give me the freedom to design the programme according to my interest, and I believe they will help me to broaden my horizon.

I know clearly that this programme requires more talent and hard work than a one-year MA programme. But I have the confidence to face the challenge. I have made remarkable progress as English major: last academic year, I ranked 3 in my grade, but I am not and cannot content at my past achievement. The programme of Literature in is well-organized and challenging and the university itself is among the top ones in the world. It also has an attractive history: my favourite Dutch painter Rembrandt and the British novelist Henry Fielding were both enrolled there once. Therefore, it would be a great honour to study at and I believe that I can realise my potential to the full there.

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your positive response and to be a student in .

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