plz i am looking if someone can help me in my motivation letter..it's the first time i write one and i have to give it in a week. i am really lost and i don't know what to do.

i will write u what i have until now although i know its bad. the i dea is that i am a student with a b.a in economics and curently doing my masters in financial economics and i am applying for a markting company which i am really interrested in..i kind of have to tell them why i wat to enter this company although i chose aconomics as a major...

please i reaally need help

Dear sirs,

with this letter i would like to introduce my candidature as member of the client sevrice department.

I got my B.A degree in economics at 's university and now I am pursuing my education in AUB doing my masters in financial economics.

I know that my studies are somewhat different then for the job I am applying for but I am really interested in marketing and I am sure that I would bring my own ideas into the company.

Indeed having an economic background would definitely bring a new flavour for the company as well as an increase in the company production

I have attached my resume for your consideration and would welcome the opportunity to discuss in more detail my experience to date and how I may contribute to the smooth and efficient running of your business.
Thank you for your kind attention.

Yours sincerely,

sorry i am really stressed please help me outtttttttttttttttttttttt
That letter is really boring. We don´t know much about you, so it´s hard to help you.

Think off things that you are really good in and which might be of great use for the company. With this letter, I don´t see one single reason, why they should take you. In addition, it is really boring. You are applying for a marketing job. You have to exagerate!

Not having a marketing shouldn't make too much difference; a lot of marketing and related companies like to take graduate trainees with degrees in all fields and there is quite a debate out there on whether a more general degree is actually more useful than a whole bunch of marketing 'theory' as at least the trainees don't already think they know it all! Practise is often very different to theory, after all....

With regards to your letter:

You do need to liven it up a bit (I wouldn't go so far as exaggerating though) and really sell yourself to them. Your facts and figures will be in your CV so you need to use the letter to make an impression and stand out from the other candidates very quickly. If they don't like the letter they may not even read your CV. If you want to work in marketing, you need to prove that you can at least market yourself! So, what should be in your letter as well as the basics you have included. How about WHY you want to work in marketing - being 'interested' is not much of a reason! You have to be enthusiastic and determined to make a career in this field, so show them those qualitites now in this letter, and at least explain why! What else can you contribute apart from smooth and efficient running of the company? These factors are important but marketing is a very creative field and you need to show that side of your personality. Can you give them some examples of activities that show this side? Which aspects of marketing appeal to you most and how do your skills fit in with these? Do you have any relevant work or voluntary experience? Show them that you understand what marketing actually IS; a lot of candidates won't.