I am writing my motivaiton letter for admission in RSM, Netherlands. It is actually composed of four questions to which I have to answer. Can someone provide me with his opinion on the content of my letter - whether it is clear what I mean or some information is ambiguous.

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  1. What demonstrates your sincere interest in the programme you are applying for?

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The first thing we would like you to address in your motivation letter is your ambition to be admitted to one of our MSc programmes. Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What attracted you to this particular masters programme?
  • Why are you attracted to an international masters programme?

The supply chain program in RSM is my first choice for a master degree. The combination of curriculum, location and ranking perfectly matches my preferences. All the areas in which I want to direct my career path are included in the content of the program: forecasting, optimization strategies, revenue management and mathematical techniques, so I do not need to make any compromises with my desires. I seek for a program with a practical approach and multicultural environment, which is the case with RSM. The ranking of the program and the selective procedure indicate to me that the level of teaching must be more than sufficient and that I will meet many other valuable participants. I expect that I will be living and studying in a live ambiance around people from whom I can learn. Furthermore, I consider that the presence of clusters in the sphere of supply chain in Netherlands and particularly in Rotterdam is another strong advantage as it facilitates students to get access to the most up-to-date methods and technologies in the industry.

  1. How do you expect the programme you are applying for to contribute to your future plans? (1200 characters)

In the second question we ask you to tell us about your plans for the future and how you expect the programme you'll do at RSM to help you realize these plans.

I presume that the specialized curriculum of the program and the mode of studying would enable me to acquire in-depth knowledge and polish my communication skills. My purpose is to gain confidence that I am able to interpret correctly information, linking supply chain data to financial indicators. Up to now, my responsibilities have been primarily related to record and presentation of information, and only partly to forecasting and analyses. In the long-term perspective, I would like to be more involved in the process of decision-making, analyzing data and providing an expert opinion. Eventually, I would like to apply learnt concepts in promising industries such as pharmacy and airline services, being responsible for forecasting demands, optimization strategies and being able to lead projects in the same fields. It is important to highlight that - especially in my home country - the program does not have equivalents, so it will make my profile stand out in job competitions. I believe that the personal experience during the program will go beyond my initial assumptions, and I am looking forward to take advantage of all other benefits it can offer me.

  1. Why should we select you to participate in the programme you are applying for? (1200 characters)

In the third question we would like to you to tell us what sets you apart from other students applying for the same programme and why we should choose you. This question is particularly important for students applying for the MSc International Management/CEMS and MSc Finance & Investments Advanced programme, as only the best students get chosen for these programmes.

My personal traits and background make me suitable candidate for the supply chain program at RSM. I always maintain an independent opinion, have critical approach towards information and issues, and at the same time I value others’ points of view. Therefore, I am able to contribute actively in discussions and team projects. Having strong logical and negotiation skills, I am prepared and willing to collaborate with colleagues and lecturers to create value in our collaborative work.

I am able to cope with an intensive mode of studying in a multicultural setting. During my bachelor studies, I participated in an exchange program for two semesters in Switzerland where I successfully passed exams in several economy and business fields. Concerning my professional experience, I took part in two projects for the outsourcing of activities from Barcelona to Sofia as a part of the accounting team at Ingram Micro. My experience at Coca-Cola enterprise allowed me to get in touch with obligations related to the supply chain area and conclude that this the sphere where I can show my full potential.

  1. What other relevant information do you want to share with us in order to motivate your application?

Where were you born, where have you lived, what is your nationality, where did you go to school, in what kind of international activities have you participated. You can also write about what you feel you can add to the international dimension of the programme. Sometimes there may be information that is important for the application but we can't see in the documents you upload to the application. For example if you are dyslexic or your grades have been affected by personal circumstances, please let us know.

I like to discover and observe things from all possible perspectives. I do not hesitate to ask questions and search for answers. From very early age, my parents have thought me to respect others and be tolerant. They have also told me to admit errors and to be indulgent towards others faults. I apply this approach and family education in my behavior at work. I do not believe in coincidence and luck but on constant efforts and a lot of research. This is the way I approach studies and working obligations.

The interface of RSM, lecturers’ biographies, graduates’ profiles, communication with current students in the program, all these signalize for me that RSM has a strong corporate behavior. I want to study in an environment with established principles and ethics.

All my close friends, colleagues and family members encourage me to undertake this step in my career growth. I feel mature enough and aware of my strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly – aware of my capabilities and desires. Hence, I have the support and confidence to be valuable participant in the supply chain program in RSM.


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