Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to apply for Summer School Program Faculty of Economics. At first , I would like to share my background with you . My name is Eldina Arifi , I was born in Prishtina capital city of Kosovo where I finished primary school and graduated in high school with Social Science and Mathematics as major. Currently I am a second year student at the University of Prishtina - Faculty of Economics .My interests are very broad and lie mainly in the field of marketing , accounting and management for wich I'm gaining deeper knowledge during the studies.My main goal in life is to seek out opportunities to further improve and test my skills. During this semester I realized I need to experience an exchange in another country for several reasons. The main reason why I'm applying to this summer school is because of your education system , staff , and international experience . Being part of this Summer School I think it is one of the best quality I can get as a citizen of a new born state that unfortunately has several economic problems and young people have minimal opportunities for many things . We have a lot of students who have received their Bachelor degree and still are unemployed due to the request from employers for applicants to have experience. I have taken part in variety courses in English language ,and I am a volunteer at the American Corner here in Prishtina . I can not imagine a world without communication , I love talking and working with different people. So this is the best chance for me to interact with people from all over the world and learn more about their cultures . My future plan is to obtain a master degree from an International University and to contribute in my state as a professor and follow my experiences to the younger people of Kosova. We still need to improve our education system , students must be taught less theory and more practice , to have more opportunities for exchanging and internship programs . I have no doubt that this would be a experience I will never forget , and experience that would enrich my life for years to come , and help shape my future graduate studies , and career .
Thank you very much for consideration of my application. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Please ensure that you have spaces between your paragraphs. Otherwise it is too hard to read. My guess is that you pasted your letter into the text box. After you pasted your letter, the spaces were removed. To solve this issue, please do the following:

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its fine ....
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Okey thanks a lot I'm trying to fix it . Emotion: smile And I post it later. It is my first time writing a motivation letter that's why I'm have such problemms and english is not my mother tounge.