Hello everyone!! please check my motivation letter for PhD position, is it wrong to write about my private interests (like location boyfriend in that country, I want to get a PhD vacancy)? I wrote 5th paragraph in in detail cause they asked for relevant research experience.

Dear Prof ***,

On the *** website I have seen there is a vacancy for a PhD position starting in September 2007. I am writing to express my great interest in applying for this PhD vacancy in *** in *** Universiteit .

I graduated from Faculty o***, *** in June 2006 and I obtained a specialist degree in ***. More narrow specialization is ***. During my studies (5 years) I got thorough knowledges in various objects and I was always a curious and research-active student. On the third year of education I have done my practical research work as a laboratory assistant in the ***, , CITY. Working there I have adjoined for the first time with scientific investigations, have learnt to work in collective with highly qualified specialists that has helped me to discipline and organize my work in future.

Last two years of education I’m in detail studied my specialization in *** Institute of ***, CITY. Basic specialists of our Institute lecture us profile subjects like as: SOME SUBJECTS and many others.

I was doing my diploma work in Group of *** in *** Institute of ***, CITY for 2 years. I completed and presented my graduation thesis on the theme “***”, were marked as “excellent”. Working in lab I have gained not only major skills of practical job in the field of ***, have familiarized with many accessible physical research technique, have learnt self-supporting job, but also have gained appearance experience at various conferences, compilations of reports, writing an articles.

I was looking for a PhD vacancy in last autumn, but unfortunately for some domestic reasons I can't left and I had passed examinations to PhD position in my Institute. Last year I worked on the following theme "***" in the Laboratory of *** in the *** Institute of ***, CITY. I studied influence of various ionic liquids on homogeneous process of hydrocarbons oxidation. Investigated reactions were hydrocarbons oxidation in such aggressive solvent as acetic acid in the presence of palladium complexes. I had been considered a number of various ionic liquids (EMImBF4, BMImBF4, BMImOAc and EMImBr) with various substitutions to an imidazole ring and different anions. The greatest interest caused by the last one. It’s interesting to notice, that addition insignificant quantities of EMImBr sharply changed the direction of reaction and distribution of products. Gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy and NMR were used to analyze products distribution. The condition of palladium complexes in reaction mixture were studied by UV-vis spectroscopy.

By getting to know more about ***, I understood that for several reasons this is the best place and opportunity for me. The theme of ionic liquids and their widely application in *** is very interesting to me, and I’d like to be engaged in it further. Unfortunately, there are no investigations on a large scale on this theme in our Institute. This PhD position will give me a chance to work at higher level, with use of more perfect equipment that is enough difficult for me here, to work with other people, experts in area of ***, to learn a lot of the new. Also it’s a great experience of studying abroad will help me to develop more highly my methodical abilities, practical and theoretical skills, enrich my curriculum vitae, as well as gain more independence. Having finished PhD position in the ***, it will give me more possibilities for the further career growth. It’s the perfect opportunity for me to meet other cultures, learn another language and traditions, connect with other interesting peoples, to get new friends. Having received this PhD vacancy we become a little territorially closer with my boyfriend, who’s occupies PhD position in a , University ***.

At last as a hard-working and responsible person I believe that I am a good candidate for this PhD project.

Thank you very much for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future regarding the success of my application.

Yours sincerely,
I think you should leave the boyfriend part out.
hi dear tanya

i read 2 paragraph of your application. it was alittle long, and you put some unnecessery explanations in it. like" Working there I have adjoined for the first time with scientific investigations, have learnt to work in collective with highly qualified specialists that has helped me to discipline and organize my work in future."

i think you dont have to point every details. it can be boring and make a false intepretation.


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a lot of grammar mistake...
Over all was good but please try to be more abroad in starting then narrow down your research interest, it seems good.it seems good for attracting European researchers.
ok it was somewhat good bt yoy have to tell ur interest in short and sweet manner
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