Hi guys.

I would very much appreciate if you could help me to improve my motivation letter for volunteer abroad oppotunity.
My motivation letter follows these aspects:
1. Please describe four aspects of your personal motivation to do a voluntary service.
2. Please explain why you want to do it in Germany.
3. Please tell us in short about your ideas and your expectations concerning life in a host family/host project in Germany (depending on your preferences).

4. In which field would you like to do your voluntary service and why?
5. Which field of voluntary work would you reject or can't imagine and why?
6. How does the voluntary service fit into your current life?
a. In which way will the experience during your exchange year contribute to your future plans?
7. Please tell us briefly about your use of internet. How would it be for you, not to use internet and WhatsApp every day?


My name is Jasmine, a 20 year-old Japanese. As a third year university student, I realize that I need more experience before finishing the studying and starting to find a job. An exchange year can help me gain experience and showcase my skills. Also, my aim is to work in an international organization so this opportunity would mean a great deal for my professional and personal growth. To prepare for the exchange year, I arranged my school schedule and will be able to available for the volunteer service.

I am applying to become a volunteer for many reasons that of great importance for me. The most important reason that urge me to seek a volunteer opportunity is warm feeling I get when giving back. That is the feeling I get whenever I could offer a smile to a sad face and knowing that I am contributing and helping people.

Another reason why I would like to become a volunteer is because I believe it is an opportunity that puts me out of my comfort zone and learn about myself.

Besides, doing a voluntary service can help me broaden my cultural horizons, learn new ways to approach existing problems, new ways of looking at the world and new ways to view a global issue and learn a new language which is one of the best ways to grow.

I am also motivated by a desire to meet new people from different environment, different cultures and develop lasting friendships.
These are the reasons why I would like to do a voluntary service. Moreover, I want to volunteer in Germany because this is the country I have always wanted to travel to. My cousin who is a German told me a lot of interesting things about this country which make me so eager to explore myself. Besides, it might give me a chance for me to visit my uncle's family in Hanover, Germany.

In addition, I have experience in working with children and disabled people; for instance: I took part in a volunteer program an orphanage and disability center, we engaged in caring kids and people with disabilities; held a program for them and gave them presents; I helped an international volunteer to communicate with disabled children in her workplace and take care of them; I have also taught English to children for more than one year. Moreover, I love children and believe that I can work with them well. With my experience in teaching and working with children, I can bring a wealth of knowledge and skills that will benefit the project.

I would not reject any field of voluntary work but it will be better if I can participate in a field where I have experience.

I mainly use the internet to find information and contact to my friends. I use the internet every day. And I think during the project, I would be alright not use it every day, however, I still need to access to internet at least a few times a week.

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