Dear German Consulate General,

I am writing to apply for a German Student Visa which will authorize me to stay in Germany and study the Master of Science at the Julius- Maxilians- Universitat Wurzburg (JMU) since Winter Semester 2019/2020. With a strong enthusiasm for scientific research, after attaining a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology in 2017, I set my goal to continue my study in a vigorous training and world-class academic environment; and Germany has appeared to be such an ideal destination.

There are four main reasons for my study decision. First of all, Study in Germany, one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, I have a chance to approach the latest state-of-the-art technology as well as updated research ideas. The second is the internationally recognized education system. Master degrees of German universities are highly evaluated in the working and academic environment. Moreover, by offering a tuition-free education policy, the Germany government has assisted many international students from a low-income country like me to have a chance to develop and pursue an academic career. Last but not least, Germany is well-known for its diversity and harmony environment for foreigners. Many friends of mine used to study or travel to Germany and they were completely impressed with how friendly and supportive that local residents are. Germany is beyond all dispute a perfect place for me to develop not only academically but also socially.

When it comes to Master's study, I am interested in finding effective prevention and treatments for human diseases and the Master of Science program of Universitat Wurzburg is well compatible with my research interests. Moreover, it is well-known for the active and interdisciplinary academic environment with a variety of research groups and on-going projects. I especially feel captivated in projects which examine causes of congenital malformation, such as muscle disorders, during meiosis as well as embryonic development. I deem to pursue a Ph.D. degree with these research ideas.

My main goal after completion of my Master's degree is to extend my study to a Ph.D. degree and become a scientist who can develop treatments for incurable diseases such as cancer or Hepatitis B. After that I will come back to Vietnam and become a bridge between scientific communities in my home country and Germany. In addition, I also would like to become proficient in German and have an insight into your wonderful culture.

In order to prepare for your Master course, I proactively participated in diverse research activities and enhanced laboratory skills by becoming a university teaching assistant of practical classes from 2017 to 2018. Instead of occupying a space in the job market, I dedicated myself to read the recent research works as well as search for prospective master programs. These endeavor has exposed me to new perspectives which could stimulate my future research ideas.

With my perseverance and strong interest, as well as the academic background and the research ability, I am confident that I will become a successful student of the Master of Science program in Universitat Wurzburg of Germany. Studying in your country is a vital opportunity to fulfill my dream. I really appreciate your consideration and look forward to your positive reply.

Best regard,

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