To whom it may concern,

I am in need of some help in writing a motivational letter to apply for a bursary. Can someone please give me a guideline on the format of a motivational letter and what it must consist of.

Your help will be appreciated Emotion: smile


The focus is simply to list the main reasons that you should be given a bursary. Just write a draft as if you were talking to the person face to face. Then show it to us for comments.

To whom i many concern

I wish the apply for a busary to study Special Project Management Programme which is at an NQF Level 6 course. Currently I am employed as a customer relations coordinator within the organisation, where my job involoves a number of project management skill, financial background as well as problem solvings skills.

Once I acquired my certificate in the spectial project management programe i will be able to:

1) domostrate better knowldedged in the project management field.

2) Solving problems and identify key elements using appropriate menthodos and theories

3)better understanding of financial management.

4) better project planning and project control