I actually have to write a motivational letter in Dutch (of max 200 words) for my application for "medicine" at the University at Rotterdam (decentrale selectie geneeskunde), but I can translate it back to Dutch later. Could someone help me get started?

First a short CV of mine:

EducationEmotion: bat/i]
1997-2004: MSc. degree in "Industrial Engineering & Management"

Work experienceEmotion: bat/i]
1999-2000: Co-founder, board member and graphical artist of Team Sigma, a company set up to develop a 3 dimensional strategic computer game

Extracurricular activitiesEmotion: bat/i]
2001-2003: editor and responsible for the lay-out of student-magazine "BKtrends"

With the help of MoutainHiker's guidelines this is I've come up with so far.

1) Be very clear on what you want to achieve (get a nursing degree)

... a degree in medicine/becoming a doctor (I'm not sure about the correct English terminology, but I do know the Dutch terminology). But as it is a form specifically for this application, I'm not sure it's necessary to mention that I want to achieve what the form is intended for.

2) Be very clear on what you will do with this degree (how do you see yourself in 5 to 10 years)?

After graduation I intend to apply for a specialisation (but I don't know what yet)... I am sure though that I do not want to become a GP or a company doctor (bedrijfsarts), but I probably should not mention what I "don't" want.

3) Why do you want to pursue your chosen career? You know the answer to this question from your strengths and weaknesses as well as your personality profile.

- interested in medicine and biology
- helping people
- quick learner
- good at science and math
- have studied for years already
- knowledge of how organisations work
- entrepreneurial
- commited, can work in a team
- always wanted to know how things work and how to solve the problem when it doesn't
- focused on goals
- work/learn efficiently/effectively

4) What have you done to prepare yourself for your chosen career? Here you are selling yourself. Use your prior information and your supporting evidence to bolster your position.

Normally it's high school graduates with extra curricular activities who apply for this, but I have organisational experience, management experience, have shown entrepreneurial capabilities, and have an MSc degree... Most of this has been highligted in other parts of the application form, each with a very short motivation why I have done those activities. Probably interesting to mention: As part of my previous studies I have done a 3 months project researching the possibilties of bone-fracture detection with ultrasound.

5) Highlight anything that is extraordinary that needs to be taken into consideration.

Thanks very much in advance!!!
My first try:

I graduated in november 2004 from the University of ABCD with a degree of Industrial Engineering and Management. I would like to apply for 'medicine', because that is what I always wanted to do (that does not sound good Emotion: tongue tied).

My long term goals are to specialise after graduation. For example: I have lived in Indonesia for many years which has shown me numorous heartrending situations. My hands are itching to be of any help able to do something about situations like that (hmm, that doesn't sound good either).

My ambition is to work for an international organisation (like the Red Cross) to help people in need in developing countries (sounds a bit cliche to me though). The medical situation in many countries is still far below a desirable level. I believe the combination of a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and one in Medicine will give me an ideal combination giving me an extra insight in organisational matters.

I have done 3 month course during my second year at univerity researching detecting bone fractures with ultrasound. This stimulated my interest in medicine, at first I contemplated about changing to "Biomedical Engineering", but I felt that completing my degree first was a more sensible choice.

My background has given me I have solid experience, but I believe that a combination with medicine gives me a ... combination of competences. I hope to combine my experience and knowledge with my interest in medicine through gaining a degree in Medicine and eventually to be able to work in different countries around the world.

(too many words already)
There doesn't seem much point in our working on this when you will be translating it into Dutch. No doubt English/Dutch grammar and semantics are very different.

In general information terms this seems ok.
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Yes probably you're right, Thanks.