My motivational letter

- I have chosen to apply for a BsC in economics at LSE because I feel that the economics subject is something I am genuinely interested in and my academic abilities reflect that well. Studying at a large and international “school/university” like LSE, will definitely enhance my skills when it comes to see things from a wider perspective and will make me significantly more competent in the economics subject. London is a large and multicultural city, which will help widening my perspective and gain insight in how the economic system affects people from all over the world.

- The amount of international students at LSE is one of the most important reasons of why I choose to apply to LSE. Being a part of an international community is essential if you want to understand the global effects of economic and financial decisions. As a young student at only 19, I hope this experience will help me achieve my goals and obtain the skills that I feel are essential for achieving success. I have always been fascinated by the English language, and attending a school like LSE will help me enhance my English skills, and help me on my way to communicate on an equal level during both my time as student and in my professional career.

- From my experience at LSE I hope to be a person who is more than competent when it comes to the line of work I chose. Through this education I hope to achieve some of my goals and obtain a kind of work which reflects my skills well. I definitely feel that I can be a god addition to an already international student-community. My academic skills in the required subjects are good, and my Norwegian Vitnemaal is definitely way above the average Norwegian student. Having had subjects as macroeconomics, A-level mathematics and English for many years and having achieved the best possible grade these subjects is something that I feel will help me on my way to become a student at LSE.
Hi Anon;

I agree with the other posters.
You need to read your letter very critically as if you were one of the reviewers. Does your letter motivate them to set yours aside from the several hundreds of other applicants? Is there anything in your text which makes yours stand out?
I can guarantee you that all the other motivation letters will say: I am an excellent student. I am very interested in attending your fine school. I would love to live in London. My goal is to get a job in Economics... etc..
You wrote to and for yourself. Unfortunately, you need to write for the LSE.

Your goal—indeed your only goal—is to make your prose clear, concise, and elegant so that you make it easy for the LSE to reach the proper conclusion. Anything less is wasted effort.

Read each of your paragraphs separately. That is, read a paragraph, and then reflect on it. What are the main themes contained in each paragraph? Should paragraphs be limited to one major theme only? Hint: Yes.

As you consider restructuring your work, remember this: vaguenss sucks. If you are going to mention an accomplishment, goal, ambition or whatever, specify it so that it is clear to everyone. For example, if I asked ten people what "My academic skills in the required subjects are good..." meant, do you think they would all agree? Does he have good interprersonal skills? Logic? Writing? Math? Sciences? Broad interest in a diversity of subjects? Art and cultural skills, so necessary to compete in today's global environment?

The good news is that you have some time between now and the 15th. But I wouldn't let a moment waste. With holidays, time will fly.
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OK Economics at LSE is massively oversubscribed, all candidates are expected to get A* in everything, LSE is not interested in how clever you think you are, your exam results will tell them that; there are no AVERAGE people at LSE. They are not interested in your age either, you are already older than most 1st year undergraduates.

So you want to study economics? You need to tell LSE why at the LSE, do some real research on the recent publications by academics there. What do you want to get out of LSE, be specific. Wanting to go to LSE because it is very international is not going to win anyone a place.

Your personal statement is all that the LSE has to go on, there are no interviews, the above statement would get dismissed, it needs a lot more work.
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