i would like to know how to write a motivational letter to be employed into a youth programme related to hiv. the position has somthing to do with analysing data and been a team player for an hiv organization.i need help urgently.i hope i hear from you in the shortest possible time.thank you

Hi Ophelia,
You need to write your letter yourself, but if you post it, someone will have a look.
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Hi Barbara
My name is Mostafa, I am applying for a university in europe and need an advise from a different perspective. would it be okay if you had a look on it and gave your opinion? that would be highly appreciated
there we go:

Dear Mr/Mrs,
  • I am writing to apply for master of science in finance and risk management master’s degree, as I seek an opportunity within a reputable multinational company that provides fundamentally based environment, good compensation, and developmental training. My interest in finance was founded by my passion for numbers; it all started 8 years ago with great interest in even the slightest challenging calculations, which led to the consideration of an education in commerce.
  • My name is Mostafa Tahtawi; I graduated from Cairo University with a good grade, majoring in accounting. My dream is to receive the utmost knowledge and seek better education to achieve proficiency in my career in order to be a better man and to benefit my country and other individuals. During my college time, I joined a student’s community that was later on turned into marketing agency called “Wasleen” achieving an assistant to the finance head position. Furthermore, I received several awards such as best team in a brainstorming competition, one of the top five performers in implementing a social network project called “Nassya”, and best idea in a competition round made at the office. Overall, I am pleased with my academic record and I believe that it has prepared me very well for a postgraduate journey.
  • I had several training opportunities while being at college, which gave me a chance to become a better candidate when applying for any job in my profession because of having knowledge and experience with job roles and tasks before even graduating. I have had my training at National Societe General Bank, The United Bank, E-gas for Natural Gas, and PetroGulf. I began my work journey at a multinational insurance company called ACE Life Insurance for a year and a half. Afterwards,I was fortunate to receive a better opportunity at a multinational company named MillwardBrown, but it did not meet my expectations in learning as much as it benefited me financially, having that financial benefit did not satisfy me. Then, I have decided to leave for a challenging opportunity of being an auditor at one of the biggest four worldwide auditing firms, KPMG, which added much more to my knowledge than expected. It is a challenging opportunity to fulfill which is perfect for my love of challenges; it helps me improve myself and enhance my knowledge, way of thinking, and dealing with colleagues and clients. Even though my undergraduate education has given me a strong background of the fundamentals of accounting, for me itwasnot enough to become a qualified professional in finance. I have to continue my studies to enrich my skills and broaden my knowledge.
  • Moreover, it became difficult to apply for a scholarship program in my country which made me pursue applying for a foreign university and after a thorough research I am after one of the best universities in Italy that could provide me with the best programs that would help in developing and acquiring the skills I need.
  • I consider myself a good candidate for the FIM Scholarship because I am young, energetic, hardworking, and a visionary and motivated person. I do my best effort at work; nevertheless, this is not enough. Frankly, I am not yet satisfied with what I have achieved. I believe that more can be achieved if I am trained and developed through a Master’s of Science degree, which will open broader opportunities.
  • Eventually, Thank you for your time reviewing my letter. I welcome the opportunity to discuss in a personal interview my qualifications and fit for the programme. Feel free to reach me at Mostafa.t*** using Skype.
MtahtawiHi BarbaraMy name is Mostafa, I am applying for a university in europe and need an advise from a different perspective. would it be okay if you had a look on it and gave your opinion? that would be highly appreciated
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