Dear Mountainhiker,
I thank you for respecting my request and editing my letter of motivation.
Anyways, I truly respect the moderator's time and work, so I'm willing to give in return one of my letters of motivation which I'm sure can contribute others.
However, it is quite strange... but the third thread in today's Englishforum's page, (posted on December 16) under the title "Please help me with my letter of motivation", is a perfect copy of my letter........I think it is post no. 61821, the only difference is that the writer applies for a job. I'm not worried of this writer another candidate for the Orthodontics program who
would copy my letter and change few words, could harm my chances to enter the program.

I really want to makea deal with you and exchange letters or pay you for your work, so I will not see my letter of motivation being published in your site.

Thanks in advance,
Hi Doc,

The post in question has been moved offline. I think we're going to need to review how we handle motivation letters.

Which post is your creation Doc? That way we can make the comparison.

Dear Mountainhiker,
I wanted to thank you for your efforts and willingness to help.
Moreover, to wish you, the rest of the moderators and your families
"Happy Chrismas" and "Happy New Year".
My previous post was "letter of Motivation for an Internship"
which you had deleted and I thank you for that.
I offered to contribute by sending one of my letters of recommendation
instead of the former letter (which was deleted).
Please advice if you want me to do that.
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Hi Gapoo,

Thank you for the Holiday Wishes and the same to you and your family.

As far as letters are concerned, I think we're fine as we are. Thank you.

Thanks again. Happy new year

Thank you and I wish you and your family a healthy, happy, safe, and prosperous new year.

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