One last thing we need to do before the bike is ready for a spin is mounting the tyres/wheels.

Is there any difference between mounting tyres and mounting wheels?


The tyre (AmE - tire) is the circle of rubber that you inflate.

The metal 'center' that the tire is placed on (mounted on) is called the rim. The rim is bolted to (mounted on) the bike, or the car.

The wheel consists of the tire and the rim.

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We generally use mounting tyres for cars and bikes and mounting wheels for heavy vechicles like 'Palace-on-wheels' it's a train name in India. former fits perfectly in the context of your sentences
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I have a feeling that they are two different things. Mounting a tyre means fitting a tyre on a wheel while mounting a wheel means bolting a wheel back in the vehicle. Can a native confirm this? Thanks!
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