Hi all. In our country moustache is one of the basic feature for men. But i have a problem. I am 20 yrs of age.But still i dont have thick moustache and just few hairs in it ythat is it is in the beginning stage for too many years. pl i dont know where to post hthis mail. sorry.

if any one knowt the cure or solution to grow good moustache pls reply.
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Shave regularly and then put few drops of castor oil
Don't think about moustache .
Hollywood film heros mostly don't have moustache although they look manly and handsome.
There are lot of manly work to do in this world .Emotion: big smile
Jhumjhum has given you the beauty tip with her advice and I agree with her. Men without moustaches look as handsome and manly as those with one!! So don't fret about it. Emotion: smile
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it can be genetical or maybe your metabolism is a bit different from other boys and your moustache will appear in the future lately.If it can't be,don't worry" it is not too important".I can say the sentence you closely as a girl.
Hi Peral_love,

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You wrote:
if any one knowt the cure or solution to grow good moustache pls reply.
If I were you, I'd be happy about not having a moustache because I dislike facial hair. Who says you need to be like everybody else in the first place? You don't need to be like two peas in a pod with all of your co-workers, do you?
Englishuser is so so right!!! Emotion: smile
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i agree with englihuser and i think shaving isn't an enjoyable work,it seems very boring so you can be very lucky according to lots of boysEmotion: big smile
Yes but this is seen as 'manly' in some cultures.

I don't think there is anything you can do to make your moustache grow more quickly, you'll just have to wait until it is good and ready. If you shave it off it will look a bit thicker when it grows back as the blunt cut off ends of the hairs are thicker than the natural tapered ends of hairs, so it might help appearances a bit.
Hi nona the brit,

You said:
Yes but this is seen as 'manly' in some cultures.
Who cares about what's seen as manly, persistently unmasculine, womanly, or something else in a culture? I mean, shouldn't we allow people to be different? I don't see why anyone should like to conform with exisiting stereotypes on what's seen as manly...
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