This lead to the birth of a movement in several parts of the country.

What is meaning of "a movement" here?
Hi Hanuman_2000,

The meaning of 'a movement' in your sentence means 'an association' or 'a group'.
Hi Krish,

Again, if I may, I'd like to add an extra comment. A soccer team is a group, but it's not a movement. I see a 'movement' as a group of people trying to achieve (ie move towards) some goal.

It makes little sense to speak of a movement without identifying its goal.

eg Tom has joined a movement to abolish capital punishment.

Best wishes, Clive
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Hi Clive,

I agree with you. A movement is a group of people with common ideology who work together to achieve some goal. Equally, I am curious,though, in the given meaning, don't the members of a soccer team try to achieve some goal?: Winning the game.

Yes, but as you suggest, a movement is more ideological, non-physical if you like, often related to a social goal.

eg a political movement.

"Social goal", There you go, Clive. I am with you that a soccer team doesn't have a social goal.
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I understand a movement is an organized effort or activity by a group of people to attain a certain social/political goal rather than the group of people itself.

A movement aims to make people aware of things that are wrong and convince the law makers to fix it. Some examples:
  • a movement to abolish slavery
  • a movement to end child labor
  • a movement to give women the suffrage right
A movement is not needed for a soccer team since everyone already agrees the aim is to win the game.