here is the plot (from )

Several characters of different racial backgrounds collide in one incident, The different stereotypes society has created for those backgrounds affect their judgment, beliefs and actions, This in turn causes problems for each of them.

I really really like it and I couldn't stop from saying, every now and then: it's true, it's true, I also would have done, it would have said it and so on...

Sometimes we don't even realize that there's a racist inside us. Sometimes, we don't even realize that we're doing, saying, thinking, something racist.

That movie made me think very deeply.

and you?
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Wow Susan! Thank you for opening this lovely topic! I also really liked it.. Frankly I have to admit that I couldn't understand what was going on in the beginning..I mean I asked myself a lot of questions.."Who is that man? , and that man? ohh..they're increasing rapidly..Gremlins...oh do I remember that film ,too?..yeah another man..and a little girl...what a nonsense plot! I wonder how they will make a connection between those various characters,various lives..." This was my mood after the first half..But as soon as the 2nd half started I couldn't believe my eyes! It was an amazing joB! Every knot started to be untied one by one... I strongly recommend it you! If u haven't seen it yet, all I CAN say is "what a pity!"..Come on, don't waste your time in front of the screen, just go out and find it (or u like) , trust me it is worth watching.. [H]

Lots of Love,

Actually I haven't seen it yet, though my parents did and told me they really liked it and it's worth to be seen...
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Trust me Jac., It is one of the greatest movies that I had ever seen..
But it will never beat "The Butterfly Effect"!
I don't think so.. [H]
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Hi guys, thanks for answering this thread but I'd prefer u don't make it a match with other movies.

I've seen it DjBueno, that's why I opened the thread.

The thing is that I think that this movie can teach us a lot of things. I made a mistake telling that it talks about racism: infact, it's also about predjudice, which, maybe, it's worse than racism itself.

I also think that movies, sometimes, can show things to us in order to try to change bad side of our world. Sometimens, this happens, sometimes not.

What do u believe?
I just loved the movie! Particularly when the same policeman who happened to hit on ( or harrased) the black lady in front of her husband, saved her from death the day after. He had some good in his heart after all. I think that's the story of all of us. I liked the way events took a good turn, like the empty gun, ... But as it happens in real life, we are not always lucky to escape the danger (referring to the last event when the black policeman's brother is killed by someone who apparently did not believe in racism. It was brilliant.

Hey, Little Cloud, I'm too lazy to open a thread about movies myself. If you've seen Hotel Rwanda and liked it, do the favour! Emotion: smile

That was also a great movie about racism, and the cast are exellent!
Hi Languagelover, thanks for your answer to my thread. I completely agree with your point of view and, moreover, when u say that, in real life, we don't always have a second chance to change our way of living or of thinking: maybe, we must think about what you've said, a little more deeply! Emotion: indifferent

regarding to the other movie u mentioned, I'm sorry to say that I haven't seen it but I'll try to see it during this week or the next one so I can tell u a little more. In the meantime, if u want to know other people's point of views, u can open it by yourself! Emotion: smile
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