what's the exactly different between Movie and Film?
They are often used interchangeably. However, film can also refer to the celluloid on a reel that used to be used in a projector (the 'negative, so to speak). I believe that we talk about the film industry more than the movie industry, but a quick Google check would speak to that question.
You can make a home movie but not a home film so much. You go to the movies, but you can't go to the films. You can go see a film or go see a movie, but "movie" is usual around here. You can film a documentary, but you can't movie one. There are myriad differences in usage.
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Ario Barzan what's the exactly different between Movie and Film?
In addition to the comments already made, note that some people think of a 'movie' as a popular entertainment and a 'film' as a more serious work of art.