Director Alan Morgan's latest effort The Ticking Bomb is not worth the price of admission. Despite Bruce Burton's draw and plenty of highly charged chases and tense moments, the plot developed here is weak, and the supporting actors dull. The novel, not surprisingly, was far better, but the screenplay does not take advantage of its unusual plot twists. At least the title is right: one is too aware of the ticking of one's watch before leaving the theater, and that, all in all, is a bomb.

What does the reviewer NOT complain about?
(A) The acting
(B) The plot
(C) The price of admission
(D) The supporting actors

The given answer is (C), but I chose (A). Please help.

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Pieanne, you are so agreeable today! Four times as much as usual! Emotion: stick out tongue

LOL! What's that mess?

(Thank you, GG! Emotion: big smile )

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