Suggest any movie to watch. Even old movies. I'll find it in the store. Movies of any kind are welcome, just tell me why should I watch it. Thanks guys!


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Scarface; is the one of the most famous mafia movie .In this movie tony montana's life is told us very dramatically and we understand that money kill everything even our family.Al pacino do his best in this movie and ı know that lots of film maker use this movies scenario so it makes scarface best mafia movie

If you like my suggestion ı can summarize every movie you like
I recommend the legendary Italian comedy "Il Mostro (The Monster)" which was made back in 1994.It`s about a guy named Loris,who is wrongly suspected of being a serial rapist and murderer just because there are a lot of strange coincidences that make the police think that he is the criminal they are looking for.They need enough evidence and decide to give a female police officer the task of seducing him.

There are a lot of funny scenes that will make you laugh till you cry and it`s one of the movies that you can watch a thousand times.The only problem is,you might have already seen it because it`s a well-known comedy,but it was the first movie that came into my mind when i saw the title of the thread.
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<the phantom of the opera>!!!!

a really good work><!

if u love opera i think u might love it
Umm, I actually have seen that movie, the Phantom of the Opera... it's nice
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I recently watched the movie "Amadeus" which is about Mozart, it is recommended!
Scarface the most famous mafia movie? Have you never heard of the godfather movies? Those are the best!

Intelligent Freak, i would recommend 'chocolat' it's nice, good actors and good movie!
Why not a series of the green ogre Shrek? The animation is realistic and beautiful. The story line is funny and meaningful. The characters are cute, I specially like the silly and talking donkey voiced by Edie Murphy. You need ralaxation and laugh? Try then!
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