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HI. I agree that older movies are much better as the spoken language is much slower. If you are learning English to improve your grammar, then you can also begin to watche all time classics like Peter Pan, or even Sount of Music. There are also Animal Planet Documentaries which have very interesting topics you may enjoy.
the movies that i understand perfectly without subtitles are the CHINESE movie that DUBBED into english language ..
these kind of movies are very very helpfull specially for beginners cos they in slow english ( most of them )
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Good idea.
Could anyone give links to download "Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb"?
http://thepiratebay.org / - and use search option
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I also like to watch english movies. I found this site some time ago. http://www.eslnotes.com/synopses.html
For me it's very useful. It has got not just scripts but some tips on movies specially for englishlearners, like unknown words, useful phrases, explainaitions of proverbs or idioms and so on.
Most of the movies that you are watching are United Kingdom English. If you are interested in learning American style English. I would suggest the film Up. It is entertaining and will teach you a lot about America as well as help you learn English. I would also suggest other animated and live action Disney films. The English is easy for beginners and will give you a good basic vocabulary. Best of Luck.
Dr. Dee/UCLA
usually, I didn't watch them with subtitles, I try to hear and catch what they said, I'll do repeat if I don't get it Emotion: smile
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In my opinion, I prefer watching programs such as cultural, historical, or scientific programs and there are a lot of good programs ^_^ because when I watch a program I learn new words more than movies....
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