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I agree with Mythical Lady. If you want to learn, watching English movies with English subtitles is far better. When you know exactly words that actors say, you know what they mean and what to pay attention for.
Old movies are good when you are a beginner. Old actors could speak very clearly and could be understood easily. Subtitles might be helpful, because if you don't get something, you have the chance to check it immediately.
But if one wants to learn "modern" English, one should watch modern movies. If you learn "classic" English, you will have the difficulties with understanding other dialects. If someone is learning "London dialect" it will be hard to understand a person from Scotland, for example. Therefore if one wants to learn particular dialect (eg. to live somewhere) then one should watch regional movies, where people speak with dialect, but it is not recommended at the very begining of your adventure with English.
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In my opinion subtitles are very helpful, because of the reasons that the others already mentioned. The big advantage is that one grasps complete sentences and not a single word, like when one is learning vocabulary. Our head saves this sentence and so we we know a pratical usage of the word in a sentence, so we get a general idea on how to use this word.
It might be true that older movies are better. Because newer ones focus on action and stunts. It's even unlikely to see a movie full of conversations, but these are the ones that are helpful. Action movies are sheer entertainment.
Do not worry about the movie... choose a good movie you want to watch... download the movie... then in Google, put subtitles for ____________(name of the movie) in English... you will be given several options... then you need a program called ANY VIDEO CONVERTER... it is a free download also... then copy the name of the movie (highlight and copy) and name the subtitle file the same as the movie then use avc and convert to say MP4 and walla it is done... just view and make sure the subtitles are in sync... let me know if you have any questions

well said bro. i totally agree with you.
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Wow, this site is a great find.
Greetings all, I've just joined and have a question regarding HOW to watch movies with subtitles. Anyway my english is not very good, I would say at B1 level (sometimes A1, depends on the mood) so every once in a while when I have time I try to spend those hours productively.
Now, two of my friends have different opinions on this subject. (the proper way to learn English while having fun) One says it's better to watch as many movies as possible without looking at a dictionary and to figure out the meaning of (unknown) words from context, but the other one says it's better to "master" one movie first and then proceed to the next. (mastering involves watching with subtitles, dictionary, translating subtitles, and then watching without subtitles.. ) Both of them are fluent in English.
So what do you guys think? And yes, feel free to correct my grammar/spelling mistakes.
Thanks again.
Hi, you can test Top Notch i think this movies make by Longman (Pearson)
this kind of movie is very easy and funny
its really awasome dear..
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please tell me a good English movie with English subtitle
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