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I'm looking for TV series/movies about the kings and queens of England. I've watched Henry VIII, Beckett, and Elizabeth. Any other suggestions?

Either documentary or drama is fine. Emotion: smile
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The Madness of King George

Richard III

The Lion in Winter
Oh, yes. I watched The Madness of King George. Will give Richard III a try. What's the third one about? Richard the Lionheart?
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No, it's about his father, whose name instantly escapes me. It's quite an old film, but well worth watching.

If you watch Richard III, try the Ian McKellan version, which sets it in a 1930's dictatorship.


This site mentions several films which have been made about kings/queens

Thanks Abbie!
How about Henry V by Shakespeare, Cromwell, which covers the civil war under Charles I, Gunpowder Treason & Plot is about Mary Queen of Scots and her son King James I, Charles II a tv drama is now available on dvd, The Madness of King George, The twisted tale of Bloody Mary, which is a very good film. A few suggestions for you !!
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there is a film called lady jane who came to the throne after henery the 8th son died and another called the lost prince who was kept away from anyone as he fitted
I had watch following movies about British Monarchs hope you also like these:
Shakespeare in Love
Her Majesty, Mrs. Brown
The Queen
Young Victoria
Hello friends
I have watch this movies:
Fast Five movie
The Avanger.
The Queen
Shakespare in love.
I like this movies very much.
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