As I'm new to drive four wheeler vehicles, I don't want to take risk by moving/driving/travelling down the trafficked/crowded(with lots of vehicles) road. I'm looking for almost a empty road to first sheer practice.

The road seems almost empty/vacant during night. But since wee hours, again you will see crowds of vehicles making screeching/yelling sounds down the road.

Please correct my sentences and suggest me better versions.
As I'm new to driving four wheeled vehicles, I don't want to take the risk of driving in heavy traffic. I'm looking for almost a empty road to practice first.

The road seems almost empty during night, but after the wee hours of the morning, you will see (and hear) crowds of vehicles screeching down the road.
@Dave Phillips
But actually it was not a "heavy traffic" but the road has lots of vehicle moving down and since the road is also little narrow I cannot straight start my driving from there. I need little practice.

So can I write "crowded road" instead of "heavy traffic".?
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yes you can road means you are only going down one -roads?. You can also say narrow, crowded roads.
you know that you would drive down narrow croaded roads.
Thanks a lot Dave Phillips for all your useful replies in my threads.

I just looked the word "crowd" up in a dictionary, it means "involving large number of people" so I wonder what it would mean if someone said "crowded roads". Would it mean "roads with many people" or "roads with lots of vehicles"?
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Crowded road - a road with lots of vehicles on it.

Crowded street - a street with lots of people on it.