Is there a verb to describe the action to move pages right or left on your cell phone with your finger?

Thank you.

EDIT: Changed "right or wrong" to "right or left" in header. CJ

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Dear CJ:

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

Do you ever use the verb "slide" with regard to smartphones?

If so, would you please give me some examples?

Again, many, many thanks for your kind help.

teal limeDo you ever use the verb "slide" with regard to smartphones?

I can't say for certain. That might be possible, but I've only found examples with "swipe" and not with "slide".

Swipe right and you're back in the more familiar world of apps and widgets that characterise the Android smartphone.
When you want to scroll down a page on the computer, simply swipe your finger along the cube's main panel, much like you do on some smartphone touchscreens.
The smartphone is already the Swiss Army knife of the digital age, able to transform into a camera, music player or game machine at the swipe of a finger.


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Regarding your photo:

Yes, it says "slide", but that's a physical part of the phone that you slide. A finger swipe is done only with your finger, not with a part of the phone itself.


It looks like some phones say "slide" instead of "swipe".


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