Do you spell Mr., Ms. and Mrs. with or without a dot?

And what does Ms. precisely stand for? Can it replace both Miss and Mrs.?
Yes, Ms is a relatively new title. It can replace both Miss and Mrs.
I believe it was made by women who do not want their title to reflect their marital status (whether they are married or not).
Sorry, I'm not sure about the punctuation.
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With the dot because it is an abbreviation. Mr.
the "dot" is required. (the only exception i know of comes from french, where Mme and Mlle short for Madame and Mademoiselle do not have a dot. the reason being, the last letter of the full word is included in the abbreviation. therefore, avenue (in french) should be abbreviated av. (with dot) but maître (lawyer), Me (without).
What about Mrs(.) then, Moijelesuis??
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all abbreviated titles in english require a "dot"