Hi, I'd greatly appreciate anyone's help.

What should I use for addressing to a woman in a cover letter when it does not tell us?
Ms, Mrs or Miss.

Dear madam/sir could be used if there was no name. However usually, there is a name e.g., Contact: Amanda Moore

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What would you call a girl under 16 tho...? Boys its Master..but..I don't know about girls Emotion: tongue tied
Does anyone still use "Master" for boys? If you used it in the U.S., no one would know what to make of it. Why can't you just use Miss for girls under 16?
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Hey guys that really helps (Ms), to know that most of you guys think it just a neautral title, and anyone should use if they feel like, I like to use the title Ms, I think it is unique, I didn't know the meaning, I just got hooked on it!! To me it is more like to remain anonimous.

From: Anonymous
I am probably giving my age, but so what! In the 1960s there was a move for women to use the title of "Ms." pronounced "mz." It is based on the fact that "Mr." does not tell whether or not a man is married. However, the titles of "Mrs." and "Miss" do tell whether or not a woman is married. But why should women have to let that be known? Afterall, men do not! Let's show equality in this idea of using titles! Therefore, to be equal and politically correct, we should all use Ms. for women.

And for another note: Prior to the correct title of "Ms." I was always taught in school that if a woman is married and her husband is living, she would use his name. Example: Mrs. John Smith. If he was deceased or if she was divorced, then she could use Mrs. Sue Smith. Of course this is now thought of as antiquated thinking.

To sum it up, remember that a woman does not need to be married to gain respect nor does she have to show whether or not she is married in her title. Everyone should use "Ms." when addressing a woman.

Woman are EQUAL!
any divorced woman would want to be called "mrs."

and a widower is a man that has no wife due to death, so the only thing u could call a man is mr..
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any divorced woman would want to be called "mrs." Please explain briefly why you have this opinion.Emotion: smile

Clive, I'm so glad you asked that!
My dear Anon, many married women use "Ms." professionally. On the other hand, some unmarried women are just fine with using "Miss" even if they are in their 20s or 30s. Lastly, not everyone who is married wears a ring. Not everyone who wears a ring is married.

I will not beat around the bush: Your advice is not very sound.
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i know everyone is saying ms. but sometimes ma'am is ok depending on how you are writing... its neutral as far as i know... its just a contraction of madaam.... i guess ma'am is more respectful.. so again.. it depends on what ur going 4
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