I was forced to watch the VMAs 2003 on MTV today. I can't stand those stupid chats the presenters are forced to have before they give away each award.

It makes me cringe

Am I the only one?
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Am I the only one who has no idea what you're talking about? I feel dumb.
I don't watch much tele but I get what you mean. Very artificial, so false.
'I am your friend, you like me, now let me make a bad joke that you will all laugh at because you are nervous waiting to see if you won anything.' Say cheese(y grin) to the camara!
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Yep, it's so so painful to watch

Kit: Video Music Awards (I wouldn't have known what they were either unless I'd been forced to watch them.)
Yeah, I don't watch MTV, myself. Not really my cup of tea.
I was forced to watch "cybergirl" a few days ago. What an experience!
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What's that?
A series for children like a cartoon but with real people in it.
I still love discovery, I watch it when I need to get my head together..
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