Does anybody know what a "mugent" is? The context is the following:

[Perfume description:]

"Love. Romance. Elegance. TRESOR is for a woman who understands that time is precious and moments in this fast-paced world are to be treasured. Because love is a treasure, and TRESOR evokes that feeling of everlasting love, it makes her as radiant and precious as the fragrance she wears. The elegance of rose, mugent and lilac and the sparkle of peach and apricot blossom are just a few notes that define this luminous fragrance."
You've misstyped or something. It's muguet, French for lily-of-the-valley.
Thank You!

I guess the typing mystake was copied and pasted on the website http://www.theperfumegirl.com/perfumes/fragrances/lancome/lancome-tresor/ .