We take the mechanism of the calendar for 1- granted.Passing through years,months,weeks,hours,minutes and seconds we selodm think about where these things came from, or why we have chosen to divide time one way and not another.

It has not always been so.For thousands of years the effort to 2-measure time and to create a workable calendar was one of the great struggles of humanity, a conundrum for astronomers,mathematicians,priests and anyone else who needed to count the days until the next harvest, to calculate when taxes were due or to 3 figure out the exact moment a sacrifice would be made to appease an angry god.A case can be 4- shown that science itself was first sparked bt a human compulsion to comprehend the passing of time, to wrestle down the forward motion of life and impose on some 5- sense of order. And the effort to organise and control time continues 6-unalleviated today.

1- a)normal b)granted c)read d)given

2 -a)allot b)calculate c)measure d) adjust

3 a)figure b)count c) divide d)lay

4 a)shown b)given c)made d)defended

5 a)definition b) sense c)implication d)denotation

6 a)unappeased b)unalleviated

c)unabashed d)unabated
Mmm... I'm not sure about 4 & 6...
I'd go with 4: a case can be made and 6: unabated.
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