First watch this short video (11 seconds)


From the options below, reconstruct the sentence:
At first the baby is on the pillow, then the baby to stand up. As the baby gets on his feet, he makes a loud and immediately .
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Nice video & exercise! Thanks for this new feature. Emotion: smile
Thanks Tanit, we'll put up a guide on how to make them soon.. It's incredibly easy for the creator..
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this can be greatly invaluable here on EF Thanks Hitch.
I can't see the video on the page. Emotion: sad
Such a cute baby! [L]
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Doll is the video not showing at all, or not clickable, if not showing at all - can you see any javascript errors reported? Try clearing your cache etc..
I got the first one wrong-- I couldn't remember what the kid was doing in the beginning.
ha, you failed - back to school mm Emotion: smile
(And the thumbnail is misleading eh!?)
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