Pop mega-stars including Adele, Michael Jackson and Sir Elton John have all recorded music at the world-famous Metropolis Studios. Last year, the recording studios set about compiling an album called ‘Lost Songs’, which features songs from relatively unknown musicians. First-year student Zak Taylor Fray decided to submit his song demo to be included in Volume Two of the Lost Songs album which was released this year, after he saw how successful Volume One had been. Zak 24, said: “I found this competition when simply searching the internet for songwriting competitions one day, and was lucky that there was still time to enter. It amazes me that people who have worked with huge pop stars thought my song was good and worth something."

This is a passage on a skill of Reading Fill in the Blanks.

There are several given options and both "found" and "saw" are given. Is there a way to say why they are not interchangeable?


Loosely speaking, you could switch them, but you would lose precision, and this paragraph has enough problems already. For example, if "all" pop mega-stars recorded there, to say that the group "included" certain ones is otiose.

Zak did not find how successful it had been, he observed it. He had not been searching for the degree of success of the album. He was, however, searching for competitions, and he did find one. Of course, he saw it, but that was only because he found it.