Is it correct to say, "It's a mundane day" ?
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Yes, if you want to say an ordinary day.


'Mundane' would not be commonly be used here, although it's OK.

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Hi Marius and Clive

I've posed this question because a teacher thinks 'mundane' is not the correct word in the sentence.

I would like to hear from other native speakers.
I agree with Clive that you could say it, but I would not normally use "mundane" to describe a day; more for what happens in the day. A mundane activity, for example. I don't know how demanding the teacher is, to say that it's "incorrect".
Well, it's an "educated" adjective, perhaps a bit "pretentious" to some who don't like "cultivated" words, and you would not use it that frequently, but here it is at the New York Times:

  • HORSE RACING; Busy Time For Baffert: A Wedding And a Race

    ... up an otherwise mundane day of racing at Monmouth. ...

    August 1, 2002 - By BILL FINLEY (NYT) - Sports - News - 832 words
  • One Killer Job Not Enough? Add a 2d, With Sweat

    ... an otherwise very mundane day," she said. ...

    November 2, 1994 - By CAROL LAWSON (NYT) - News - 955 words
  • Allen and Farrow Mute as Others Debate Their Judgment and Actions

    ... to an otherwise mundane day in the two-week-old custody trial ...

    March 31, 1993 - By PETER MARKS (NYT) - New York and Region - News - 788 words
  • SPORTS OF THE TIMES; Carrying the Torch

    ... be a blessedly mundane day in this giant city that ... be a blessedly mundane day in this giant city that ...

    September 16, 1988 - By George Vecsey (NYT) - Sports - News - 953 words
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    Hi Marius and Lewis

    So what is the verdict? Is "It's a mundane day" okay? Do you recommend it as the first sentence in a composition?
    I would not recommend it if your teacher doesn't like itEmotion: smile

    Otherwise, I feel it's as good a beginning as any, but see the above. Do you want to draw reader's attention a bit (use mundane) or not (use ordinary)?
    Hi Marius

    As the teacher is not a native speaker, I would prefer to write, "It's a mundane day", but today is not a mundane day to me. I have been very busy, even right now.
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