Do any of you play a musical instrument? I'd be interested in hearing about it. I play guitar, mountain dulcimer, and bowed psaltery. I'm also open to questions, I recieve a lot about my musical intsruments Emotion: wink


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I can sometimes be found mishandling 6 strings or 88 keys.

Do you read and write music, Sarah? If so, you might be interested in this musical freeware download: /

It's very good. It will play back your compositions too.

I do read music, and I attempt to write it, although my previous attempts have profited me very litte. Emotion: smile

Thanks, this will be helpful.

Best Wishes,

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I can play harmonica and clarinet.
I can read, but can not write. What a pity!
All we need are drums and bass. (Isn't that always the way...)
To MrPedantic
I do not quite understand you. Why do you say so?
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We seem a little top-heavy on this thread, at the moment. I felt we needed a rhythm section...


Hi sarah

i only want to know what mountian dulcimer and bowed psaltery are????

sorry i don't play any musical instrument!! but i always wanted to play one!!!! and i can't tell anything about it!!!

but can you tell me something about playig guitar????/



hi Sara!!!
l can tell you about musical instruments!!1:):):)
but you can talk with me on msn ok???
my msn [removed by mods]
please write me .....
note: (my messenger and my e-mail address is the same [removed by mods])
Emotion: wink
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