Hi guys,

Which one of the followings is the best interpretation for the sentence underlined?

1. Applicants who are chosen should have more than two years customer service experience in the past.
2. Applicants who are chosen will have more than two years customers service experience in the future.

Here is the context for your referrence.:

We generally choose outgoing, flexible people who remain calm under stress. A second language is helpful but not mandatory. You need not be beautiful or handsome to be a flight attendant, but you should have a professional appearance and not have any tattoos or unusual hairstyles. Successful applicants must have at least 2 years customer service experience, but this doesn’t have to be in an aviation-related field. Also, if you are hired by Eagle, you must show proof of legal citizenship.
1 is the only possible meaning.
"must have" is still the better option here, and adding "in the past" is superfluous, since gained experience is in the past anyway. Your no. 1 interpretation is the closest of your two. It does refer to past experience. No. 2 is totally wrong.

Using "must have" makes it an unnegotiable attribute. "should have" means only preferred.