What are your Must-Read books?

I have a few but I have never completely read them:

The Bible (so far neither religious nor spirtual)

The whole work of William Shakespeare. ( I love it! no time to read and too darn difficult for me, though I read a few in my native language but lost in translation.)

The Dream of Red Chamber, The Three Kingdoms, The Journey to the West, Tale of Water Margin and others. (of course in my native language)

The Classic such as Odyssey, Homer, the Republic (never read them but I will eventually)
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1. The Bible (no comments)
2. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy (it's our history, by the way)
3. The poems by Ch.Bodler (in French)
4. Numerous dictionaries (a part of my job)
1. the brothers karamazov (about family, philosophy, religion)
2. the brothers k (about family, baseball, philosophy, religion)
3. cormac mccarthy's border trilogy or the road

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1. Terry Pratched
2. Terry Pratched
3. Terry Pratched

and nothing else.
the books i think everyone should read once in his life:

1984 (that is a real must´ve-read, always up to date)

something from shakespear (NOT EVERYTHING!!!)

harry potter (whatever you think of it, don´t judge without reading it)

lord of the rings (at least everyone who likes fantasie)

some sherlock holmes stories (didn´t do that so far)

treasure island (i love that one)

well, and maybe frankenstein because it is so classic. none of the books (exept hp) are really new, but if you want to read some more up to date books, i recommend some books of micheal crichton, john grisham and for the fun of it terry pratchett
I read 1984 a year ago. I cannot forget the last part of the book about torture.

Frankenstein is one of my favorite books.

I just finished A Midsummer Night's Dream.
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Timbo20seems you´re proceeding rather good, BW2/3. with my help, you could get the best Emotion: big smile
Hi, nice topic...

1. The Holy Quran, the holy book for Muslims, we read some of it in our prayer daily..

2. novels !

i like novels alot, but i read them once, i can't read any of them more than one time, from my favorites: Perfume for Patrek Zuskend, Deception Point for Dan Brown, the novels written by Ahlam Mesteganmi (Algerian woman author), Nageb Mahfoz's (Egyptian author had the Nobel's prize)...

i want to ask if 1984 a religion book or a historic one ?
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