It contains mustard and scallions, parsley, oil, vinegar, black pepper and parsley.
Do you see this as green sauce made of mustard and onion, or?
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How does green fit here? Scallions may be seen as green onion?
No green onions?
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Have you googled? there are lots and lots of hits for "green mustard"
But mustard-green onion sauce? I haven't , but i will. I thought that it's sth obvious that I can't see
what is green? the mustard, the onions or the sauce? Looks like it's the onions, but there's no green onion in the ingredients...
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mustard green is a vegetable, but it isn't in the recipe. I think it could be the leaves of a mustard plant
Yes, in my googling I found ref to mustard green.
Aren't you getting fed up with hat kind of greens? I hope MrP doesn't see this thread...
I am, believe me. Let's just call it for today (with mustard). Thank you p
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