While trying to write an project plan for my assignment today, I encountered some grammar problem that I couldn't solve. Following is my problem.

a) The program we chose to do is Java Banking System. We didn't simply choose this title without considering the problem we will(???) face in the future.

My question is, can I use the phrase "will face in the future" after the initial phrase "We didn't"? I know using past tense all along is the best answer but are there any chances the "will" case can be used because I have just started doing the project and the problem I will face is yet to come?
You can use 'will face' because the facing still remains in the future as you write and as the reader reads.
My two cents. "would" sounds better than "will" to me.
Alternately, "We aren't choosing ... without ... the problems we will face in the future".
Also, "As our program [ we chose / have chosen ] the Java Banking System" sounds better to me.

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