Hi folks, I'd like for you to post your thoughts on what do you think of my accent.


Any critisism is welcome!
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it sounds ok...I think it sounds like average american accent.
It's very good. If you're not a native speaker, you are to be commended.

Many of your S end up as SH - SHara instead of Sara.

It has a few Southern influences - waitin' and a few things that seems to be drawled out.

It reminded me radio announcers in older times, like Paul Harvey.
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Grammar GeekMany of your S end up as SH - SHara instead of Sara.
Yes, but could that be an artifact of the microphone placement or recording process?

I definitely got the Paul Harvey connection! Good observation!

Good accent!

Thank you for the quick and honest feedback! I must say I was positively surprised by the reference made to the legendary radio commentator.
>>Many of your S end up as SH - SHara instead of Sara.<<
It is most likely due to the recording equipment, which is an old digital camera with a busted lense.
That sounds pretty normal, very believable.
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One thing I caught was a faint 'r' in washed, so I would place your accent near Virginia,maybe Ohio. Other than that, it's what we would call announcer English, the typical midwestern accent used by most TV announcers. People mentioned Paul Harvey, but I'd liken it to Cronkite. Nice deep tone. Have you thought of voice over work?
I have never seriously thought of voice over work, but I do recall several people commenting that I have a voice for radio.
You sound like a newscaster or a radio host. You have a good voice for talking about politics all day long, you know. Emotion: stick out tongue
Seriously, I heard some "features" that sounded a bit strange to me (your voice sometimes sounds kind of southern to me... is it just me?), but generally speaking, I would not be willing to bet you are not a native speaker if I didn't know it. I am not a native speaker myself, and I find your speech amazing. I believe far less than 1% of all speakers of English as a second language have an accent as good as yours. You must both be talented and have spent a lot of time working on your English. How long have you been learning English?
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