just one year from now, i'll be an EFL teacher, however, i feel myself like a nerve wreck while speaking English in class, too much "eh"hesitation ,repitition, and not fluent at all. But i do well teaching in my native language,which i know is not good for an english class. i become worried about my poor English as my graduation is nearing.
It is hard to comment. Your post is certainly written in imperfect English, and I cannot judge how well you speak it. I can tell you this, however: as long as you can speak it better than your students, you will help them. With lower level students, it is perfectly acceptable (in spite of the protests of adherents of some more radical EFL methodologies) to use your native language in class when you are explaining grammar points, for instance, or when a misunderstanding cannot be resolved in the L2.

There are 2 facets here: (1) being a fluent English speaker, and (2) being a good teacher. If you feel weak in one, the other may well more than compensate.
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Mister Micawber, thank you a lot. Did you receive all my replies? I receive your detailed answer in my mail-box , so i directly reply to you in the mail-box, which i think is much more convinient for me to do so. BUt it's disappoiting they weren't posted in the forum. I hope you know that i have given you the polite replies . you are very helpfulEmotion: smile
Hello Paris,

When anyone posts to a thread that we have participated in, an email notification is sent to us, and it includes a copy of the post-- however, it should of course appear also on the thread, so I don't know quite what you've done. I don't recall any specific posts from you, but it is better anyway to post publicly on the same thread.

Best of luck in your training course.

ok~~~i'll do it~~~
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