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Hey Tanit, thanks for sharing those pics! I've been to Sardinia but in the Northern part, never been to Cagliari. Emotion: smile
Francesca I've been to Sardinia but in the Northern part
Thanks, Fran. Guess what ... I've never been there! Emotion: stick out tongue Must go, sooner or later.Emotion: smile
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Oh Emotion: surprise You definitely must go [Y]
Could you take me with you Tanit? I admired the photos.
You'd be very welcome, Doll.
Hope you can swim. Emotion: big smile
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I am afraid of water a bit but I can take care of myself there, I promise.
Hi Tanit
Thanks for the beautiful pictures. You are a good photographer. The scenery looks very Mediterranean, probably because that's what it is!
Hi CB,

Thanks, but those pictures were not mine; I tried to upload some photos I took, but to no avail.
Glad you liked the scenery Emotion: smile I only wanted to give a flavour of the city and its landscapes.
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