On September the 5th , we attended the opening ceremony of a new school year . I was surprised at how beautiful my girls are . They wore the traditional dress of Vietnam . You can see , very charming . This time , i send you the picture of my class . Next time I will send you mine .

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They seemed to be a little bit naughty but that is called Vietnamese students ! Emotion: big smile
here is some more pictures of my class on WOMEN'S DAY last year


And this second picture contained the whole class including me : I'm the boy standing on the first left .

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Little bit sad , nobody paid attention to me and my class . Am I ugly?
I think you are very lucky, Blueclown.
You seem to be constantly surrounded by very lovely girls!
I'm not good at knowing whether boys are good looking or not, but those girls are stunning!
hi , i like ur photos alot

ur students seem nice ,.. and u look so cute Emotion: wink

i look forward to ur next photos
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Thank you so much for your interest . I will try to send my own big picture taken with the so called most beautiful girl in my class . Wait till next week , buddy !

hahahha i see me in ya pix Emotion: big smile

do we have the relationship ^^

hi , it's time I shew you my face even when in this picture i'm not as handsome as usual . Emotion: big smile

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