I learned from my dictionary that the word "clothes" is always plural. So I have this question: Which of the following sentence is correct?

(1) My clothes is warm.

(2) My clothes are warm.

If the sentence is meant to say "a suit of clothes I'm wearing now", I think the second sentence is strange. Because "I" only have a suit of clothes on, but the verb "are" is somewhat contradictory to this concept. But the word clothes is always considered a plural, according to my dictionary and my other grammar books.

So may I ask which of the above two sentences is correct? Or both of them are ok?

Thank you for answering my question!Emotion: big smile
Your dictionary is right; clothes is always plural. My clothes are warm is always the correct sentence. If you wish to say suit of clothes, then you have changed the grammar: My suit (of clothes) is warm is the correct sentence.
I completely understand now, thank you very much!