I saw some pictures for my friend on facebook, all pictures was taken in camp or a trip in (Kuwait).
and since I live in Kuwait too and I know that it's a bored country, I want to write him the comment below:
(Since we are in Kuwait, I consider these moments as the greatest in your life)
The message I want to deliver from my comment is:
because I know that life is sucks in Kuwait, so I'm sure that the moments you spent in your trip are the wonderful in your life.
can you please revise my comment or modify it to suit the situation?
Thank you
I can't really make sense of what you are saying.

If "life sucks in Kuwait" then why would the time your friend spent there be "the greatest" or "wonderful"? It seems a contradiction. Or are you being sarcastic?
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You are true Mr Wordy, I want to be sarcastic
I guess you could say:

"I'm sure you had the best time of your life in Kuwait!"

But are you sure your friend will realise that you're being sarcastic?
I think that my friend might think that i'm insulting him.
you know what, i will not comment Emotion: smile)
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Agree with previous guy. There is contradiction. First of all define whether the life in Kuwait is sucks or wonderful