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First Name Last Name

Street No. 4
0xxxx Town, Germany

Mobile: +49 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Phone: +49 xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email Removed">xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Arabic/Islamic Studies and Political Science graduate who is keen to find a new and challenging position to prove his knowledge and experiences. Motivated, reliable with a professional background and very good analytical, consultative and problem solving skills.


2000–2006 Magister Artium (Master of Arts) in Arabic and Islamic Studies and Political Science, University of City.
Major: Islamic Law, Legal Practice in Arabic and Islamic Countries, International Relations. Thesis: Staats- und Verfassungsrecht im Irak vor und nach 2003 (The Constitutional Law of Iraq before and after 2003).
Overall grade: 1,7.

1996–1997 Civilian service. Worked in a mental-health charity association.
1992–1995 Vocational training. Merchant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade, xxxxx GmbH & Co. KG, City.


2004 Orient-Institute xxxxx, assisting preparations of publications and symposia as well as assistence in the institute's library. Own researches on Public International Law.
2003 Green Party of Germany. Faction of the township of City. Preparation of party declarations and PR event organization.


present Company's Name – Reference bookstore, City - Employee in a large German book-chain and store.

1999–2000 Company employee, xxxxxx AG, City. Controlling of the stock-receipt and goods issue, special storage facilities of small parts and chemical components.

1995–1997 Commercial clerk, xxxxx Gmbh & Co. KG, City. Customers support service, issuing invoices, control of stock-receipt and goods issue.


2005 xxxxxx – A web-based seminar-project at university that provides translations of different arabic media sources on newsworthy topics, e. g. politics, culture and society.
present xxxxxx – German-Arabic dictionary of technical terms (a print and online version will be issued). Preparation of the project descrip-tion, its progression and budget.


1997 xxxxxxx College of Technology, xxxxxxx, England. 3 month training curse „International Trade“: Political & Cultural Environment, Business Communication and Marketing. Certificate from the German Chamber of Commerce.

1998 Lernzentrum gGmbH, City. Administrative accounting, calculations, purchase and sale using computerised support. Certificate received.


Operating Systems (OS):MS Windows, Unix/Linux based OS, Mac/OS.

Applications:OpenOffice2.0, MS Office, Internet.


(spoken and written)

German:Native speaker.

English: Very good knowledge.

Arabic:Reasonable knowledge.

Russian:Basic knowledge.


Ability to work and live in a multi-cultural and complex international environment. Very good interpersonal, communication and problem-solving skills with a natural aptitude for arbitration of differences or disputes. Ability to advise and point out alternative options related to relevant political and socio-economic issues. Open and broad-minded with respect to diversity. At least–a very good sense of humor.


Driving Licence:Full, clean.

Interests: Open source software & projects (linux distributions and derivatives). Creating private web pages using HTML. Football (soccer) – supporting member of the FC xxxxx xxxxx e.V. Science fiction literature.
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1996–1997 Civilian service. Worked in a mental-health charity association. - How is this education?

Also, I'd put all your education and qualifications together in one section.

training curse - I hope not! Check for the other few typos.

At least–a very good sense of humor. 'at least' used incorrectly here - the result is rather comical. Re-word.
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1. Civilian service - Mmh, do you think it should be an Additional Information?
2. A good sense of humor - I really have :-) but I think I leave that out.
Nona The Brit Also, I'd put all your education and qualifications together in one section.
Ok, I'll call this one now Education and Qualifications and put the relevant stuff in, starting with the last ones.

4. Is it possible to update my first post? I can't find out how? It seems only to work with the last post.
1. PErhaps I don't understand what you mean by civilian service, I thought you meant it was a job?

2. Nothing wrong with mentioning a sense of humour, it is only your use of the phrase 'at least' that is incorrect. It doesn't mean what you think it does.
Civilian service - I did it instead of military service. I don't know a better translation (maybe social work or community service?) But you're right its not an education.
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