I was surprised at the way I fiddled
As I tried to choose my dress
“What should I wear?” I said to myself
Nothing seemed appropriate!
Would he like the colour red,
Or would he like blue?
Should I pick one of my old dresses,
Or should I go buy something new?
My heart seemed to flutter,
In a strange excited way,
Was I too old to feel young?
I thought in dismay.

There were just a few days left
Before we met face to face.
I just had to look appealing
Just for his sake.
The day finally arrived
And I wondered what he’d think of me
Though he seemed a stranger
He was a part of me.

As I looked out from the window
My searching eyes did see
The car entering the driveway,
How would the meeting be?
I opened the door and he stood right there,
With arms opened wide,
As I hugged him and kissed him
My doubts vanished instantly.
He hugged me back and told me
that he I loved me more than anyone
He will always be a part of me
My darling little grandson.

awwww that is sooo adorable
benitathat he I loved me more than anyone

Guess that "I" was a typo.