Another story I have written..
Hope you'll like it..

My daughter and I

In the early morning, I wake up, looked at my watch. It was 8 o'clock. The day was Thursday 15th of September 1985.
Every Thursday I used to go out for picnic with my little daughter, so I went to wake her up. She was cute and pretty. Sara, my only child, was her name.
My house was so big and it have big rooms unless one. My daughter's room was small. Little Sara was my lonely child. She was 6 years old. I opened the door of Sara's room. As I entered I smelled a lovely perfume, a perfume Sara's mother used to put on her clothes and I used to buy it for Sara too. The smell vanished when I realized that Sara was not in her room. How strange!! Sara's toys and dolls were spread in the room. She used to arrange her toys every morning but that day it was different.
"Is there something wrong with Sara today?" I thought
There was no answer.
"Maybe she forgot to do it this morning!" I said
"Ah, she is sleeping in my room then. How could I forget that?"
I returned to my room but I found nothing. I looked under the bed to see if she was hiding. But again there was nothing.
"Sara… where are you my little princess?" I shouted
There was no reply but the echoes of my voice. That house was almost abandoned. No one seemed to have lived there since days. I threw myself in bed and held my head like a child.
"I remember now…" I cried
I returned back to my memories. The scene of our last picnic, my daughter and I. it was one month ago. In the beach, I was reading a paper whereas Sara was playing with the sand. Then Sara came and talked to me. She was telling me something about her mother.
"Dad, see there. It is my mother. She is over there"
"Where is she Sara?" I said
"Look there dad" she pointed to a woman walking with somebody.
"No Sara. That is not your mother. I told you she had gone far away. You will meet her one day. That woman is not your mother" I lied
I was lying about her mother. I used to tell Sara that her mother is somewhere far away and she could meet her when she grew up. My wife died after the birth of Sara. At least I was right about one thing that day, Sara met her mother!
Sara was afflicted with the same disease that killed her mother. I did not realize that till her day came. It was my last Thursday with my daughter. The last day with my family. Sara was dying the same way her mother did before. She had got difficulties in breathing. I took her from the sand and carry her hastily to the car. My last moments with her were when I was driving the car in hurry. She was suffering and I could hear the beating of her heart. I parked the car near the entrance of the hospital and hurried to the doctor carrying a cold, almost a dead body. The doctor took Sara and tried to help her and I kept watching.
"Please doctor save her. Save Sara. I do not want to lose her. She is my lonely child, doctor. Please…" I shouted
I waited outside the emergency room. Then the doctor came to me. He hugged me and said nothing until I cried.
"How is she now? Is Sara ok? Can I see her?"
"I am sorry. We couldn't save her. May God be with you" the doctor said
Then I felt lost. I felt sad, I felt bad. Sara can no more play with me. She would smile no more. She went away, faded like a dream.

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Umm...looks like nobody is interested in stories..!!!
Your stories are always so sad, king.Emotion: sad
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Yeah because sadness is my middle name..

and because I like human emotions and feelings..
Emotions and feelings make me feel humanity...
True, King. What about happiness, joy etc?
I don't know

I feel that sadness is joy!I feel the need of sadness in my life in order to feel joy and happiness..It is rather complicated to you I know..I don't like to pretend to be sad but I like to be so...

I have no idea how to explain this to you!!!
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Yes, it is complex, King. I think I understand a little; perhaps the story above, which expresses sorrow at loss also expresses the joy that once was?
Yeah you are right...

I hope all people would try to understand this!!
how old are y?
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