I am a female Iranian student. I love science, and I think that nothing is interesting than seeing the results of my efforts and knowledge in the real world. I always want to explore the details scientifically and appreciate the function, rather than form. In my opinion, we all are living in a global village where saving and improving peoples' life can play an important role to fulfill other aspects of life. The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 is showing the power of science over everything, and it intensifies my passion for following my academic research more than ever. But my journey in this way started by when a friend of mine lost her father. I saw her pain and suffering, and I have started thinking about finding a way to be a part of this effort to improve peoples' life. I was always enthusiastic about rational relationships between what is happening around me and what is I can learn from theoretical lessons. To understand these relationships, I could not find anything except neuroscience and cognitive science. Modeling and understanding the human body by mathematical formula and expressions resulted in me pursuing my academic goals in this way.

There were a lot of challenges in this way, including participating in the National University's Entrance Exam and gaining admission to a good university. I can recall those uncomfortable moments which was full of stresses and pressures. But besides my interests and dreams, which always function as a forward force to tackle these difficulties, my supportive family plays an important role both financially and emotionally. Allowing me to participate in various social activates and making my decisions lead to me being an independent person. I think that this personality trait is an impotent feature of my character, which allows me to be brave enough to follow my dreams abroad.

Through my experience as a student, I have developed as a person and learned many crucial life skills that will be invaluable to me in the future. I gained a broader perspective of the team-group techniques and research skills needed to reconstruct a plan to reach the final goal. I have also gained essential skills in analysis, synthesis, and crucially improved my confidence in my abilities when I participated in an R&D project under the supervision of Dr. Mohammadi.

I think that it is worth mentioning that I started joining in a Dental Implant Factory. In addition to becoming financially independent, learning a new programming language and involving in team-work activities give me not only self-confidence but also precious lessons. I understood that I have this ability to learn required material for different tasks in a short time and what's more, are the ability to adapt to different situations and various people.

All my experiences to date have made me feel that I am now ready to study at the University of California, Irvine. I have a proven ability to do research, time management, taking responsibility, adapting to new environments and conditions, and my mind is open to learning new things. To become a good student, you need a genuine passion for the subject and must also find it exciting and enjoyable. I am happy to say that I possess all of these emotions when I am working on my projects. I also want to say that I was also highly impressed by your highly regarded and enthusiastic professors who seem to specialize in cognitive science.

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